Should You Buy or Lease Your Next New Subaru?
Thomas Subaru Has Some Answers

At Thomas Subaru, we're proud to offer an extensive selection of new Subaru vehicles available for lease or purchase. You've likely asked yourself in the past "what are the advantages to leasing a new vehicle?" We've put together this page to answer some of those questions and to illustrate the particular advantages to leasing your next new Subaru. The most significant way that leasing differs from buying is that you're only paying for part of the vehicle when you lease. When you buy a new vehicle, you're generally financing an amount equal to the full purchase price of that vehicle, often leading to higher monthly payments. When you lease, however, you're paying a percentage of the total price to drive the vehicle for a specific amount of time, which means a significantly lower monthly payment. In addition, when you lease, the amount of money required at inception is generally significantly less than if you choose to buy. Of course, purchasing a new vehicle has its advantages as well, such as no limits on the amount of miles you may drive in a year or the ability to modify the vehicle as you see fit. One of the biggest disadvantages to purchasing a vehicle, however, is the depreciation factor. When you buy, you end up with a significant amount of cash tied up in an asset that is worth less and less over time, making trade-in or re-selling situations potentially stressful. When you lease a new vehicle, there are few hassles at the end. You may either turn in the old vehicle and lease a new one or finance the remainder and purchase it. When you lease, you can drive a better car for less money and, since the leased vehicle is under factory warranty for the entirety of the lease, repairs are as hassle-free as possible. The biggest advantage to leasing vs. buying is the fact that you get to drive a brand new vehicle every few years without making a significant dent in your monthly budget. When you take all of these factors into consideration, and depending on your lifestyle or budgetary concerns, leasing a new Subaru from Thomas Subaru can make great financial sense!